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In the Social Media Era, Every platform has their own character limits to post any content. if you’ve been writing words, then you are operating with word counts, whether you are aware of it or not. 

Sure! Here are the word limits for various social media platforms:-

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  • Maximum character limit: 280 characters (including spaces)
    Note: Twitter also allows users to attach images, videos, and GIFs, which may reduce the available character count.


Caption limit: Up to 2,200 characters
Note: Instagram captions that exceed three lines will be truncated, requiring users to tap “More” to view the full caption.


Standard post limit: Up to 63,206 characters
Note: While Facebook allows for lengthy posts, it’s important to keep in mind that shorter posts generally perform better in terms of engagement.

Blogging Platforms (e.g., WordPress, Medium):

Word count: Typically, blog articles range from 500 to 2,500 words or more.
Note: The optimal length for a blog post can vary depending on the topic and the target audience. However, longer and more comprehensive articles often perform well in terms of search engine visibility and reader engagement.

Threaded Tweets:

Each tweet in a thread follows the standard Twitter character limit of 280 characters.
Users can create threads by replying to their own tweets, linking them together to convey longer messages or narratives.


Maximum character limit: 1,300 characters for a LinkedIn post.
LinkedIn articles: Typically, articles range from 500 to 2,000 words or more.


Maximum character limit: 500 characters for pin descriptions.
Note: Descriptive and engaging pin descriptions can improve the discoverability and engagement of your content on Pinterest.


Video descriptions: Up to 5,000 characters.
Note: While YouTube doesn’t have a specific word limit, it’s essential to keep descriptions concise and informative to maintain viewer interest.


Character limit: 250 characters per Snap.
Note: Snapchat is primarily image and video-based, with captions providing brief supplementary text.


Character limit: Up to 100 characters for captions.
Note: TikTok’s focus is on short-form video content, with brief captions accompanying the videos.

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